The Book

A book has been published in honour of the exhibition, showing the collected work on refugees by our 6 photographers with exclusive complementary writings by selected guests' writers.

We are planning to have an intellectual and public figure, from each of the countries where the project will travel to, to write in the book which will be edited in each country.

As of now, personalities such as Marina Mahathir, a Malaysian leader of non governmental organizations and a socio-political writer, has participated in the publication of the book in Malaysia. 

Others who are yet to be confirmed have all backed up the project with the assurance of their contributions.

In short we propose ONE book, more than EIGHTY photos by our photographers, and some writings by at least THREE different writers.

Exodus Déjà-Vu, The Book, a colection of images from the refugees crisis along History

Exodus Déjà-vu Book

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The Writers