Refugees are ordinary people, living through extraordinary times.

Today, more than 65 million  people are forcibly displaced by conflict and persecution ; over 21 million of them are refugees and half of them are children.

The tragedy touching Syria nowadays is reminiscent of refugee crisis that have marked the past as it did in Cambodia in the 1970’s or more recently in Myanmar. This alarming observation makes us question the reasons that caused this outburst of violence and strikingly makes us realize how history tragically repeats itself.


Do we have the right to ignore, even cause, civilian suffering for the sake of government interests and geopolitical strategies? For how long will we dissociate ourselves from this deepening humanitarian tragedy?



Our desire is to create an interactive event by using powerful images as bear witnesses of the grim reality.

With photography as a medium, the exhibition documents the war and the people fleeing, and builds a consensus by interconnecting people speaking different languages, living different lives but sharing the same “human rights". Visioncy showcases seven photojournalists and photographers who have closely followed and captured the perilous journey of refugees throughout time. Two generations of the same trade are united under the theme of refugees, each of them bringing their own masterpieces:


Coskun Aral (TUR), Issa Touma (SY), Roland Neveu (FR), Sergey Ponomarev (RU),

Rahman Roslan (MY), Nilüfer Demir (TUR) and Suthep Kritsanavarin (TH).

Exodus-Déjà Vu intends to create a better understanding of the refugees and displaced people, an undeniable fact especially after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, for all the world to see. Refugee crisis has now become a global issue. The despair and fear of death cause millions to flee for the sake of safety, facing catastrophic consequences.


 Together with our team of photographers, we unveil and put forward the reality of millions of refugees by telling their poignant stories in Exodus - Déjà Vu.